The Sopranos Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Characters

We all remember Steve Buscemi in The Sopranos but what was his character called?

Adriana Sopranos

It seems surreal that The Sopranos hit HBO 22 years ago considering the masterful drama's impact is still felt today.

Centring around a mob family, it would have been so easy for the Emmy award-winning series to rely on archetypes and cliched characters. Instead, the creator, David Chase, filled every character with a fully realised personality, making every role memorable.

The ambition, characters, and performances didn't just help The Sopranos change television; it changed entertainment. It proved that tv series could contend or surpass film. Even if you haven't revisited the show in a while, there are many moments that have probably stuck with you. Paulie and Christopher squabbling in the woods. Junior losing his mind. Carmela kicking Tony out of the house. Despite the fact the series is stacked with shoot-outs and violent deaths, its the relationships that stands out.

But since it's been off the air since 2007, it's easy to forget some of the key players. And because a lot of cast are referred to by nicknames, you mightn't have a clue what they're actually called.

You may think you're a Sopranos expert but only true fans will recall every character on this quiz.

1. Who Is This?


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