The Sweeney - The Complete First Series Coming To Blu-Ray

They are the Sweeney, son. And they haven’t had any dinner… But they're in HD

The Sweeney are back. With Nick Love's update of the iconic 70s cop show starring Ray Winstone and Damian Lewis set for release on 12th September, fans of the original show will be able to revel in an all new High Definition re-release of the 70s classic with the 10th September release of The Complete First Series blu-ray boxset. Those fans will be able to relive the most ground-breaking British police drama ever made for the first time in HD, ensuring that the 70s and The Sweeney have never looked this good before. This is where it all began for gritty cop dramas, and if it wasn't for The Sweeney we undoubtedly wouldn't have seen the likes of Life on Mars' brilliant Gene Hunt. Here's the official synopsis of the boxset:
Regan and Carter are part of New Scotland Yard€™s infamous Flying Squad. Mixing with London€™s seedy underworld they tackle the crimes to hard to handle for your everydaypolice officer. Remember what the fuss was all about by picking up this diamond 4-disc set which is available in High Definition for the first time on 10th September. Rough, tough and politically incorrect in the way that only the best 70s drama series can be, €˜The Sweeney€™ is one of the major television successes of the last fifty years. Featuring John Thaw as Detective Inspector Regan and Dennis Waterman as his loyal partner Detective Sergeant Carter, you can finally watch this series at a previously unseen level of quality.
To celebrate the September release of the first complete season, you can watch an HD clip of the show below... Here's the ins and outs of the blu-ray boxset: Special features: Brand new High Definition transfer and restoration Brand-new commemorative booklet by Archive TV historian Andrew Pixley Dolby 5.1 track along with original as-broadcast Mono and music-only tracks Interview with Ian Kennedy-Martin €œQueen€™s Pawn€ introduction by Tony Selby Reconstructed titles with original stills Reconstructed titles with original stills and shots €œThe Placer€ introduction by John Forgeham €œCover Story€ introduction by Prunella Gee €œGolden Boy€ introduction by Dudley Sutton €œStoppo Driver€ introduction by Dudley Sutton €œBig Spender€ introduction by Warren Mitchell €œAbduction€ introduction by Wanda Ventham Details The Sweeney €“ The Complete First Series Running Time: 650 minutes Screen Radio: 16:9/ 4:3 Pal RRP: £39.99 Catalogue Number: 7957037
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