The Toughest Black Mirror Quiz On The Internet

There's so much new tech in Black Mirror but can you remember them all?

Black Mirror Season 4 Andrea Riseborough

In 2011, Charlie Brooker launched his show, Black Mirror: a Twilight Zonesque anthology where the worst of humanity is exposed by mankind's latest innovations. Even after ten years, the Emmy award-winning drama is still considered one of the most captivating shows out there.

But what makes Black Mirror so riveting is how the emotional scenes stick with you. Despite the fact the stories vary tremendously, the viewer is always left with a visceral gut-punch, for better or worse. We're never going to forget how uplifting the climax of San Junipero was. We can't unsee the scene of a prime minister copulating with a pig.

But there are some key things that escape our memory. We all remember Daniel Kaluuya's character bearing his soul on reality tv but what was the show called? We had a blast playing along with Stefan in Bandersnatch but can you remember the name of his company?

With so many cameos, guest-directors, injokes, and new technology popping up in nearly evidence, it's tricky to catch absolutely everything. Dive in and see if you can fare better than most on the toughest Black Mirror quiz there is.

1. What Is The Name Of The Prime Minister Who Has Sex With The Pig In The Pilot Episode?


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