The Toughest Modern Family Quiz On The Internet

With such a huge cast, it's hard to remember everything that happened in Modern Family.

Modern Family

In 2020, ABC's Golden Globe-winning comedy, Modern Family, came to an end after an incredible eleven-year run. Thanks to characters like the larger-than-life Cam, the fiery Gloria, and the trying-to-be-cool Dad, Phil, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd's show created some of the funniest moments on television for a decade.

With such a huge ensemble appearing in 250 episodes, it's hard to remember every moment in the series. Now, we're obviously going to remember the defining moments in this quasi-mockumentary. We'll never forget the weddings, the break-ups, or that time Phil thought he was going to die when his bike fell on him. But what about the little details?

We all know Gloria loves her TV dramas but what is the name of her favourite sitcom? Cameron loves being a literal clown but can you recall the name of his clown persona? It's no secret that Jay adores building stuff but what models does he construct in his spare time?

Even if you've watched the show religiously since its debut, only a chosen few will bag 100% on this tough-as-nails Modern Family quiz.

1. What Is Gloria's Favourite Television Show?


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