The Ultimate American Dad Quiz

Good morning U.S.A! How well do you really know American Dad?


Thinking about the saturated animated sitcom market, the brain automatically goes to The Simpsons, Family Guy or Rick & Morty - all true game changers in the field. However, if you peel back the top dogs, quietly in the grey area lies American Dad.

While the show draws heavy comparisons to Family Guy, particularly due to being another brainchild of Seth MacFarlane, every real fan knows just how unique the show is.

Blending a mixture of politically charged topics with a pro-American agenda, a fish that talks and Roger the Alien, American Dad has developed its own identity to separate it from the shadows of its big brother.

While the show has always flown under the radar and kept relatively low key compared to its cartoon compadres, the show boasts some of the wittiest story-arcs and wickedly funny characters that the cartoon cosmos has to offer.

American Dad has all the makings of a true cult classic, with true fans reaping all the rewards for discovering this hidden gem of a show. Who said politics couldn’t go hand in hand with humour?

How well do you know Stan and the rest of the Langley Falls residents?

Answers at the end!

1. Which Of The Following Was NOT One Of Roger’s Aliases?


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