The Ultimate Big Bang Theory Numbers Quiz

If you keep seeing 90 repeating, that could be the angle of perturbation of a distant galaxy.

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

You can only learn about science related or social matters like Schrödinger's cat, love and gossip experiments and have fun in the meantime by watching the Big Bang Theory. A sitcom that is a safe place for the old fans and an iconic adventure for new viewers. Yes, you are in for a treat. Thank us later.

If you are an occasional viewer of the show, you might laugh at sarcastic jokes, socially awkward situations that came from the lack of understanding of everyday interactions of the main gang - Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. Of course, when it comes to weirdness Stuart, Amy, Bert and Barry are also relatable.

Despite their quirky and geeky appearance, most of the characters in the show were extremely smart. The level of their IQ explains a lot of their troublesome behaviour. Like when Sheldon claimed that Isaac Newton worked while thinking that he was an armadillo.

Today’s quiz is dedicated to math, as math and science, like Sheldon and Leonard, are almost inseparable. Let’s see if you can ace this Big Bang Theory numbers quiz having an IQ of a non-scientist.

1. What Was Sheldon's Favourite Number?




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