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Hooray! BoJack Horseman Quiz!

Bojack Horseman

The genre of 'adult animation' has grown immensely in popularity since the conception of streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, although they have been regular features of pop culture for decades. From founding shows such as Beavis & Butthead, South Park and The Simpsons, to the biggest modern day shows such as American Dad, Final Space and Big Mouth, animation series' attract massive audiences.

However, where some of these shows focus on satire and hilarity, one particular show took these elements and merged them with stories of morality, loss, personal battles, addiction and mental health like no show has ever done before. This show of course, is the now iconic BoJack Horseman. Initially a light-hearted, unique show about anthropomorphic animals living among society, BoJack's story gradually becomes darker and more personal, tackling subjects that other shows simply shy away from.

In this quiz, we will test your knowledge on this hard-hitting yet meaningful show, with questions concerning characters, actors, storylines and even celebrity cameos.

1. What Year Was BoJack Horseman First Aired?

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