The ULTIMATE Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz - How Well Do You Really Know The 99th Precinct?

How well do you really know Peralta and the gang?


There are endless reasons why the Nine-Nine has become the comedy juggernaut it is today, from the smart humour, unique story-arcs and brilliant characters to just name a few.

It was a real head-scratcher when Fox shockingly cancelled the show after the fifth series, but is a real testament to the show when NBC snapped up the rights for a sixth series the very next day – Fox look a little silly in hindsight now.

Andy Samberg’s brain child is one of the most diverse and forward thinking shows on the box today and continues to push boundaries with each and every episode.

How well do you know the 99th Precinct and all the hardworking police men and women of Brooklyn’s finest bullpen?

Answers at the end!

1. Where Did Sergeant Jeffords Live When He Was Younger?


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