The Ultimate Dragonball Z Quiz: True Or False?

Why don't you Kamehame-have a go at this quiz, are these statements true or false?

Toei Animation

Here we are for another Dragonball Z quiz, but this time it isn't just any quiz. This is the ULTIMATE Dragonball Z quiz!

Across the many seasons of the show there are a plethora of storylines to follow and naturally due to this there are many memorable characters that contribute to many memorable moments. Whether it be on Earth, Namek or even in another realm or dimension, the Z fighters never get to take a break with another threat always on the horizon.

The series ran for almost a decade on television, gathering so much of a following it still continues to this day with the sequel series' of GT and Super.

But how well did you manage to follow each saga. Do you consider yourself to be the ultimate Dragonball Z fan? How about you take the quiz and prove you know whether the following statements are true or false!

The answers are at the end!

1. Hercule Satan's Daughter Is Named Videl.


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