The ULTIMATE Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Ross Geller Or Ted Mosby?

Was it Ross Geller or his How I Met Your Mother counterpart Theodore Evelyn Mosby?


If you make a sitcom about a group of friends and their lives in New York there are always going to be similarities that can be compared. There are many television shows that do this, but two that come to mind quite often when you think of comparisons is Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

There are a group of friends that have a regular hang out spot, they are in their mid-late twenties when the show begins, they go through struggles with their love lives and their careers in a compilation of many hilarious and emotional moments. Which show was just described? That's right, both Friends and How I Met Your Mother can be boiled down to the same premise.

But it is not just the setting and the journeys that are similar but quite importantly it is the characters. Ross Geller and Ted Mosby are both professors in their fields. They regularly bore their friends talking about work, yet somehow never seem to understand that they aren't cool. Maybe this denial is what leads the pair of them to both struggle in their love lives. Almost like a mirror image of each other!

But how well do you know Ross and Ted? Well enough to know who said it?

Answers are at the end!

1. My Sheets Looked Like What They Wrap Deli Sandwiches In. Maybe I Should Join A Gym.


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