The ULTIMATE Peaky Blinders Quiz

Take this quiz... by order of the Peaky Blinders!


Cocaine fuelled meltdowns, politics and a whole host of illegal activities, Shelby Company Limited moved its focus from the humble Black Country and its industrial roots to slowly taking over the world. Not just restricted to within the TV show, Peaky Blinder’s is literally taking over the world with its impact on pop culture.

Peaky Blinders was introduced back in 2013 showing the small-time Birmingham based gypsy gang and their not so legal exploits, with their vision exponentially growing into politics. Each series becomes more and more ‘Hollywood’, leaving the humble origin roots of the real Blinders in the distance - BBC’s epic crime drama is hitting the big leagues.

Along with a stellar base cast consisting of Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory, each new series introduces more A-list names to bloat the already talented roster even further, with Tom Hardy and Adrian Brody to name just a few.

The impact of the show has even crossed over into the music industry with self-confessed Peaky fan Snoop Dogg remixing the extremely catchy theme song.

How well do you know the Birmingham based crime scene? Call yourself a Tommy Shelby Fan? How well do you really know the Peaky f**king Blinders?

Answers at the end

1. What Part Of Birmingham Do The Peaky Blinders Reside?


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