The Ultimate Simpsons Quiz: Musical Edition

Sure, you know Spider-Pig, but can you finish these Simpsons lyrics?


Now that Disney+ has expanded to more countries, fans across the world have been reliving the iconic series. A staggering 30 seasons are available on the streaming service, a challenge for even the most experienced of binge watchers. Yet it’s a challenge we are all undertaking right now because realistically, there’s not much better to do.

The show is no stranger to musical numbers. Throughout the impressive 31 year run, The Simpsons have left us with countless catchy rhymes and songs. From parodies to original compositions, the hilarious melodies have stuck with us ever since they first aired. For instance, there’s not a person on earth who can hear the Flintstones theme tune without singing Homer’s version.

While guests have come and gone, it’s the main cast who tend to produce the best songs. Combining hilarious jokes with episode propelling plot points has been a mainstay for the show and even as the show has declined in quality over recent years, fans still can’t resist a good musical episode.

Breaking out into song hasn’t only been for comedic effect though. Apu's Kwik-E-Mart song provided an emotional look into his spiralling depression after he lost his job at the store.

Managing to fill multiple albums, there is so much musical content that the show has provided us, but how much do you remember? We took a look through the family’s back catalogue to bring you one of the toughest Simpsons quizzes on the internet.

Answers at the end!

1. Baby On Board, How Much I Adore...


I'm just happy to be here