The ULTIMATE Stranger Things Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Show?

Will this Stranger Things quiz turn your world Upside Down?


Stranger Things captivated audiences when it first hit screens four years ago. A sleeper hit if there were ever one, the Netflix original channeled the threat of hardcore science fiction through the light-hearted and youthful lens of classics like The Goonies, imbuing it with a nostalgic sense of adventure that you just don't get in the movies anymore.

Perhaps the best of the streaming platform's offerings - a title it has wholly earned if indeed the case - the show's high standard is matched by its popularity, as its devoted legions of fans are more than happy to return to Hawkins every time a new season drops.

Following its solid - if a little problematic - third season, Stranger Things has been on hiatus as fans eagerly anticipate the fourth. Though the wait could be a little longer than initially expected given everything that's going on in the world right now, the show is expected to return sometime next year.

As you await its return, why not test your knowledge on everything that has happened in and out of the Upside Down thus far? Do you consider yourself the ultimate Stranger Things fan? Can you get more than eleven on this quiz, or will the Shadow Monster turn things upside down for you? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. In Which Month Of 2016 Did The First Season Hit Netflix?


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