The Umbrella Academy Quiz: Who Said It - Klaus Or Ben Hargreeves ?

Which adoptive brother said it?


Ladies and gentlemen, we give to you Number Four, aka Klaus Hargreeves, and Number Six, aka Ben Hargreeves of the Umbrella Academy - two adoptive yet extremely close brothers.

Klaus Hargreeves, the Seance, had a tendency to speak German and talk to dead people. This explains a lot. For one thing, amongst five siblings the Ghost bitch appeared to Klaus and followed him everywhere despite their differences.

Played by Robert Sheehan, Klaus appeared to be sarcastic and keen to blast, which helped him to overcome his traumas and relationship troubles. Much to the annoyance of his powerful siblings, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. However, life around the dead couldn’t have been fun at all.

Fortunately, he had Ben (Justin H. Min), who seemed to be much more alive than the other ghosts who had haunted the the prophet since his childhood. The worst part for Number Six was that he was stuck and unable to go anywhere. In fact, Ben sacrificed himself to calm down Vanya and save the world from the apocalypse. Congrats Ben, you completed the mission and can move to the afterlife.

We suggest that you move to our quiz and get yourself familiarized with the quotes of Numbers Four and Six. Can you guess which powerful Umbrella Academy member stands behind these lines of dialogue?

1. "Dad Treated You Like A Bomb Before You Ever Were One."


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