The Umbrella Academy Quiz: Who Said It - Number One Or Number Five?

Was it the Spaceboy or time manipulator?


The studies have shown that parents with many children tend to compare their babies starting from the state of pregnancy, believing that they have a unique nature as individual as their DNA. However, the subtle comparisons of parents may have an enormous impact on how children’s personalities develop.

Honestly speaking, your writer does not have an academically solid background in psychology, but we can always make references to pop culture to contribute to the conversation and make a case. This time we’ve decided to go with quite an extraordinary example - the family created by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the Umbrella Academy.

It’s hard to be a member of a powerful family with granted siblings, but it becomes even harder when an adoptive child passes his whole childhood, training and controlling his paranormal abilities under the supervision of the Monocle.

Being numbered according to their powers, Number One, aka Luther, and Number Five, aka the time traveller always competed to prove they are the best. That’s why out of the seven siblings especially their dialogues contained the most sharp lines and sarcastic comebacks.

Well, let’s see if you remember those slices of dialogue and, more importantly, remember whether it was One or Five who said each of these lines.

1. "We Don't Belong Here. We Have To Go Back."


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