The Vampire Diaries Quiz: During Which Episode Did Elena Gilbert Say It?

Can you ace this TVD quiz?

The Vampire Diaries Elena
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Surrounded by vampires, witches, werewolves and those who could talk to the dead, Elena Gilbert attracted the attention of other two rather different brothers. Everything revolved around her, from Stefan and Damon fighting for her heart to several mysteries and machinations of countless villains, fans were hooked.

It's fair to say that Elena went through many changes throughout the series. In the fourth season, she officially turned into a vampire. Despite the fact that many fans did not want to see her change, the storyline development gave the talented actress Nina Dobrev a chance to explore new opportunities. She was tasked to portray a completely different Elena - much stronger and more determined. And when the newly converted vampire turned off her humanity, bloodthirstiness and recklessness were added to the character. Thus, Elena alone provided Nina with the possibility to play at least three characters: Katherine Pierce, Amara and Tatia.

For this quiz, you’ll have to match Elena’s quotes to the correct episode. While some of her iconic lines will be easy to match, the others will make you think a little harder. Good luck!

1. "I Will See Him Again. For The First Time In A Long Time, I Feel Good."


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