The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Elena Gilbert - What's Her Next Line?

Can you remember Elena's quotes?

The Vampire Diaries Elena
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Despite The Vampire Diaries coming to an end over five years ago, fans continue to argue as to who was better for Elena Gilbert - Damon Salvatore or Stefan Salvatore.

From the very first episode, it was Stefan and Elena's romance that drew audiences in to this supernatural series. Nobody could deny that Stefan's feelings towards Elena were very strong, so much so that the vampire was ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the well-being of the girl. However, with the arrival of his older brother, Damond, the joint happy future between Salvatore Jr. and his new lover are put into question.

Elena soon begins to realise that she has feelings for both Damon and Stefan. This idea tormented her for a long time and caused her a lot of distress, but in the end, she chose Damon.

Yes, Damon caused a lot of pain for Elena and her loved ones, and it's probably fair to say that if never arrived in Mystic Falls, Elena would have led a rather normal life, and most of her friends wouldn't have lost their lives.

That aside, we want to know how well you remember Elena and her quotes over the years. Can you remember what line comes next? Let's find out!

1. “In That Moment, I Loved Him."


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