The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Stefan Salvatore - What's His Next Line?

Do you remember Stefan's quotes?

The Vampire Diaries Stefan
The CW

Stefan Salvatore grew up as a cheerful and carefree child in an exemplary family. A big house, a loving father who put a lot of effort into raising his children. From a mischievous boy, Stefan turned into a well-educated serious young man with excellent manners and a great desire to live. However, fate had something else in store for him․

After turning into a vampire, the young man began to be led by a thirst for blood, and he turned off his humanity. As a result, he became a Ripper. This went on for a whole century.

During this time, he committed many crimes - starting with the murder of his father, ending with numerous victims, the list of which he regularly kept. However over time, the blood-sucking vampire changed. He was helped by his best friend and an experienced vampire Lexi Branson to pacify the all-consuming thirst.

There are indeed a lot of twists and turns throughout his life, and sure, Stefan has a lot to teach you. With his strong moral compass and dry sense of humour, Stefan Salvatore has many great quotes in The Vampire Diaries. But the question we have for fans today is, can you correctly finish his quotes? Let's find out!

1. “You Wanna Let Yourself Get Killed?"


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