The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Who Did Bonnie Say It To?

She had all the magic she ever needed, but do you have the magic to ace this quiz?

The Vampire Diaries Bonnie
The CW

It may have been over four years ago since the very last episode of The Vampire Diaries aired, but that hasn't stopped fans reliving all the wild and wonderful moments the show had to offer thanks to its top spot on Netflix.

Despite the fact that the show was filled with so much violence and heartbreak that it would stop anybody wanting to fall in love, it somehow kept fans coming back for more with its intriguing storylines and rather dashing characters.

Speaking of dashing! The Salvatore brothers were often at the heart of nearly all those storyline. Whether they were taking turns falling in love with Elena or fighting over good and evil, the two brothers were extremely moreish. One character who was very skeptical however of the two brothers was Bonnie Bennett.

Bonnie was Elena's best friend and being the powerful witch she was, would do anything to keep her safe from the Salvatore brothers. However over time, their friendship eventually blossomed into something wonderful and beautiful.

It's now time to test your knowledge to see just how well you remember Bonnie and her friendship with the rest of the Mystic Falls residents. Can you remember who Bonnie said the following quotes to?

1. "You Got All That In One Day?"


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