The Vampire Diaries: The HARDEST Elena And Stefan Quiz On The Internet

How well do you know 'Stelena'?

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It's been over a decade since The Vampire Diaries first graced our screens and it still doesn't feel like it's ready to rest in peace. Even though it ended back in 2017, the supernatural series is still incredibly relevant today, with many discovering it for the first time through its presence on streaming services like Netflix.

One of the aspects which the show relied on quite regularly was the dynamics between the ever-changing couples of Mystic Falls - and one particular relationship that still resonates with fans now is that of Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore.

The primary relationship on the show for a significant portion of time, 'Stelena' captivated fans with their love story as a century-old vampire returned to high school because he slowly began falling for the mysterious girl with the same face as his ex-girlfriend. And from there, the two developed a bond that made all of their friends, and Stefan's brother Damon, very jealous.

The pair may have captivated you too throughout the show's run, but just how well do you remember these two and all they got up to during their time together? Can you break the curse and sink your teeth into this quiz? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. What Did Stefan Do When Damon Made Elena Drink Vampire Blood?


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