The Walking Dead: 10 Best Deaths From Season 9

From a public hanging to one big group headache, whose deaths helped define season nine?


It's been a couple months now and the dust has settled on The Walking Dead's ninth season. After a few controversial years that saw critical praise and viewership take a steep decline, Season 9 turned out to be quite the surprise, a solid season of the show that's been regarded as a return to form, even if the series overall will likely never return to its heyday as a pop-culture juggernaut.

True to its roots, the latest run kept up with the series' legacy of delivering memorable, surprising deaths. From Rick's efforts to unify communities following Negan's downfall to the beginning of the Whisperer conflict years later, not everyone made it out of the season's expansive story alive, whether it be survivors we've known for years or faces we'd only just come to love.

This was a season of loss, and while he isn't dead (yet), even hero Rick Grimes was a casualty, departing the show at the mid-season point.

With the show's tenth season looming on the horizon, let's look back at the most memorable losses from last year, and figure out why these specific deaths stuck out more than the rest.

Be warned, though, as spoilers abound for what lies ahead...


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