The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Who Died At The Wrong Time

Characters who died far too early... or far too late.

The Walking Dead Beth

Throughout its run, The Walking Dead was host to all manner of different characters, all brought together by a changed world that forced them to adapt and clash in often heartbreaking ways.

And whilst many of these characters were compelling - the gritty Rick Grimes, the villainous Negan and sword-swinging Michonne - not all of them left the series when they should have, with several prominent figures dying long before or long after their development had run its course.

Of course, The Walking Dead was not averse to killing its characters en masse, often in gruelling and left-field ways, but that doesn't mean the writers were always on the ball about who to kill and - more importantly - why.

From characters just hitting their stride cut down before their prime, to those who stuck around long after viewers wanted and others who were written off half-heartedly due to behind-the-scenes feuds, here are 10 characters both good and bad who died at the wrong time.

This article will contain major spoilers about all eleven seasons of The Walking Dead, but not the recent slew of spin-offs.

10. Jessie Anderson

The Walking Dead Beth

Introduced as a member of the so-called "safe haven" Alexandria in the show's fifth season, Jessie was a strong woman trapped in an abusive marriage, struggling to connect with her two sons whilst the world changed dramatically around them. 

Eventually, Jessie also became a potential love interest for Rick, living as a sort of hopeful symbol for the life he wanted. She was saved from her awful husband and even started to get through to her kids. All seemed well, and Jessie was growing into quite the compelling figure - but this The Walking Dead, where good things don't last.

In season six, Jessie is devoured by a walker horde along with her youngest son, breaking Rick's heart. It was a cruel, avoidable death - why did that damn kid not shut up? - that helped send Rick into a rage that rallied the rest of Alexandria together, but it was also a shame.

Jessie's story still had plenty of juice left, as did her relationship with Rick (soon to end up with Michonne). That she's never really mentioned again just adds insult to injury.


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