The Walking Dead: 10 Crazy Theories For How It All Ends

7. Army Of Survivors Defeats The Walkers

Gene Page/AMC

The most logical aspect of the show is that there MUST be a limited amount of walkers. They can't reproduce (what a horrendous prospect that is...) meaning that if there are 300 million people in the USA, there will be 300 million walkers to finish off. We are led to assume that the world has been taken over, but let's limit this to America just for now.

Rick's group alone are excellent as dispatching herds of walkers, and they have been doing so for a couple of years at least. We've already met numerous other communities within a short driving distance, so there are sure to be far larger communities further out there, picking up more 'recruits' wiping the walkers out. After all this is America, the nation with more weapons than people. A nationwide extermination of the walkers could take years, but it's certainly not impossible, and once the walkers are largely cleared out, the rebuilding process can begin.


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