The Walking Dead: 10 Most Satisfying Deaths

Sometimes, there's nothing quite like a machete to the head.

It€™s no coincidence that when characters are sitting around talking all episode, The Walking Dead is often at its worst. Conversely, when the violent action begins to pour in, the show is generally applauded. That€™s not to say that violence automatically improves the show, but it does explain why striking events like character deaths often mark the most memorable moments of the series. And while the show has had its share of lamentable passings and inconspicuous killings, there€™s also been an astounding amount of well-deserved deaths. The Walking Dead has seen a variety of human villains pass through and many of their despicable acts have left us craving a brutal death for them. Likewise, though not evil, some of the show€™s characters have become so insufferable that we wish nothing less than a swift end to their annoyingness. Of course, the simple act of dying is not memorable enough for a show with a body count as big as this one. How one dies is just as crucial a component. It€™s boring to see someone slowly turn from a walker bite, whereas it€™s much more exhilarating to see someone whose overstayed their welcome brutally removed from the world by Rick and company. From maddening compatriots to malicious antagonists, these were the deaths that left us jumping up for joy and cheering with our TV.

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