The Walking Dead: 10 Things Season 7 Got Horribly Wrong

With the seventh season now ended, it's time to reflect on where it went wrong.

The Walking Dead Rick Negan
Gene Page/AMC

Another season of The Walking Dead has come to a close, bringing with it death, tiger attacks, and the world on the precipice of war between Rick and his allies and Negan and the Saviours.

It brings to an end what has been one of the show's most divisive (and arguably weakest) runs in recent years, which has seen viewership slide from its record-breaking levels to even lower than it was back in 2013, although with over 10 million viewers it's still way ahead of the competition.

It's natural for a show to lose viewers when it goes on for so long, but the sharp decline does also point to many problems with Season 7. It started well (in ratings terms) with the premiere, as everyone who tuned in to see just who Negan had killed off after the Season 6 finale cliffhanger (somewhat justifying that ridiculous decision).

After that, however, as the world became Negan's, the quality and enjoyability of the show gradually declined in line with the ratings.

While it wasn't all bad, with strong performances from most of the cast, some great walker set-pieces, and the aforementioned tiger, there are a lot of areas where the show really went off-track this year.


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