The Walking Dead: 10 Things That STILL Don’t Make Sense

9. Why Did It Take The Survivors So Long To Find The Prison?

The Walking Dead

The show's season two finale has some major cliffhangers, including the death of Shane Walsh, the reveal that everyone is infected with the virus that raises the dead, and the tease that the Survivors are on the precipice of discovering a new sanctuary.

The prison ends up being a major setting for seasons three and four, and the first real home for the group, but it takes a comically long time for anyone to find it. The season two finale makes it seem as though it's right around the corner, but when season three kicks off months have passed and they're no closer to arriving.

There are some references to large walker hordes blocking their paths, keeping them at bay, but the fact they're on the road for what appears to be several months (based on Lori's advanced pregnancy), it's really hard to believe they hadn't found the prison, or at least a sign it lay on the horizon. It's right there!


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