The Walking Dead: 11 Things That Don't Make Sense

Because believing in the zombie apocalypse is already a tough job.

The Walking Dead is fantastic entertainment. From the opening credits to the inevitable cliffhanger and all the blood, guts, and death in between. You can watch it deeply and analyse the shattering of civilisation, or you can simply just enjoy it for the thrill of the action. But like with most shows with lofty ambitions, TWD isn't a stranger to some substantial plot holes and small details that cause the show's mask to slip. No matter how minor the infringement may seem, it breaks the illusion that The Walking Dead is set in a believable universe. This article will run through some of the most memorable aspects of the show that don't make sense, but one thing must be stressed. Just because there are dents in the armour of TWD, that doesn't make it a bad show. It's still enormous fun to watch, but there are certainly moments and attitudes that will leave you wondering how they made it into the show.

11. Cars And Fuel Shouldn't Be Rare

It's more of a concern towards the start of the show when the group were closer to Atlanta, but cars were treated as complete rarities and fuel incredibly tough to come by. Well guys, you should've just thought again. The most iconic image in the history of the show sees countless cars filling the roads out of the city. Yes, it's a dangerous mission when there are walkers around, but precautions could be taken and cars could've been easily removed from the gridlock, surely? The traffic has to have a 'front' of the queue, and as for fuel, imagine the amount of stocking up some people must have done. There are full, untouched, unspoiled cars still waiting to be driven away.

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