The Walking Dead: 16 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Season 5

The details, references and in-jokes AMC hid in plain sight.

Once more into the grim unknown, friends. The Walking Dead is over for a another season, and while the prequel show will ease the pain of leaving Rick and the survivors for an extended period, it's a placebo medicine at the very most. There's no substitute for the real thing. After an explosive finale, there are inevitably a raft of questions left over ahead of the sixth season, and luckily there's a long time to pour over them and come up with your own theories, as the fanbase inevitably will. As usual, the fifth season brought death, new enemies and a new power dynamic, and while most fans will have been suitably distracted enough by the narrative, AMC did their usual trick of stuffing the background with references and in-jokes to reward those fans who watch again and again. But which were the best and the most notable of the season gone?

16. Andrew Lincoln's Cameo

Yep, you did read that right. The main star of the show actually also has a cameo in the first episode of Season 5 after the break - What Happened and What€™s Going On - in which Tyreese unfortunately met his bloody end. As the oddly pacifist hero lay dying he hallucinated, hearing a radio report - relayed by a posh English accent - about cannibals with machetes. And those familiar with Lincoln's work outside of the show might well have realised that the plummy voice belongs to him.

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