The Walking Dead Fans Petition To Bring Back Beth

36,000 signatures and counting to bring Beth back from the grave.

Television is littered with illogical returns from the dead. Who can forget the moment that J.R. Ewing woke up in the shower after ratings dropped following his death by shooting in Dallas or when Eastenders bad boy €˜Dirty€™ Den appeared in Albert Square despite being taken out by a hitman years earlier? Despite the sheer ridiculousness of these plot twists fans ate them up and that€™s exactly what fans of hit series The Walking Dead are hoping following the untimely death of Beth in the mid-season finale. Season 5 of the show had undoubtedly started with a bang and delivered quality episodes for several weeks before upsetting fans with what they believed to be a lacklustre finale in which popular character Beth Greene had her brains blown out by a rogue bullet following a tense showdown at The Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Ever since the episode aired, fans have been bordering on outrage that she met her maker and as such a petition has been created in the hopes it could be enough to bring back Beth. The petition €“ which currently stands at around 36,000 signatures €“ argues that the writers wasted a perfectly good character they had just started to fully develop as well as killing off (no pun intended) some potentially interesting story arcs involving her relationship with Daryl. It remains to be seen whether the showrunners will even acknowledge the petition let alone buckle to public pressure and revive the character. Beth isn€™t the first popular character to kick the bucket and she certainly won€™t be the last. In fact the notion that anyone could die at any time is one of the most exciting aspects of the show as a whole and changing things would simply undermine everything that came before. You can view and even sign the petition here. Were you outraged by Beth€™s death? How do you think she could be brought back? Have your say below.
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