The Walking Dead Or Lost Quiz: Who Said It - Daryl Dixon Or James "Sawyer" Ford?

Can you tell which rogue redneck said which of these selected quotes?


The Walking Dead and Lost are two of the most popular TV shows of the 21st Century, both gaining huge, rabid fanbases who obsess over everything from the characters to the minor details. TWD debuted in the same year Lost ended, and while they aren't similar in terms of concept or story, they do both share a couple of rednecks with hearts of gold: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead and James "Sawyer" Ford from Lost.

They may not be an exact mirror image of each other but they both have many similarities, not just the fact that they grew their hair and became eye candy for the audience.

They both start off unfavourably and come across quite detestable, but over time you get to see beneath the outer crust of their character and watch as they transform into the hero you wanted them to be. Next thing you know, their shows can't live without them.

But which loveable rogue said it?

Answers at the end!

1. Look At Him. Hanging Up There Like A Big Pinata.


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