The Walking Dead Quiz: Who Said It - Daryl Or Rick?

Only a true Walking Dead diehard will get 100%.

Gene Page/AMC

With AMC's The Walking Dead now back for its tenth season, what better time to test your knowledge of all things walker-centric.

There's no doubting that this genre juggernaut has most certainly had more than its fair share of ups and downs during its run - some seasons being examples of genre television at its finest, others making you wonder why you continue to watch the show - but The Walking Dead is a property that simply refuses to die.

Throughout the decade of its lifespan, The Walking Dead has served up some characters who are right up there as some of the greatest in modern-day TV history. Sure, there was the Robert Kirkman-written comic book of the same name that acted as inspiration and an initial blueprint for the show, but AMC has crafted an utterly unique beast with its TV take on The Walking Dead.

In amongst those greats characters, of course, are Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon and Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes. While Rick may be out of the mix at present, he was for so long the anchor to the series. As for Daryl, he's the rough-around-the-edges badass who you can't help but root for.

Ahead, there are some Walking Dead quotes that came from either Daryl or Rick - you just have to correctly identify who said what!

1. Ought To Be Polite To A Man With A Gun.

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