The Walking Dead Season 6: 12 WTF Moments From 'Here's Not Here'

Finally we find out what changed Morgan from an erratic ball of rage to the Zen master who turned up in Alexandria.

After last week€™s hard-hitting Thank You, AMC€™s The Walking Dead decided to follow things up by giving fans a more character-driven, solo-focused episode that delved into Morgan€™s story. Ever since turning up at Alexandria during the Season 5 finale, many a question has been asked about Morgan€™s approach to this gone-to-hell world. Considering that the last time we really saw him he was talking gobbledegook and was just a tad unhinged, the calm and collected Morgan that we€™ve seen become a part of the Alexandria community is a massive change-up. Whilst many were hoping for some answers surrounding the fate of Glenn, we were instead given the answers to Morgan€™s change in attitude. But that€™s become almost expected with The Walking Dead by this point; so often the show follows up a major episode with a slower-paced outing. Still, despite maybe dragging a little early on, the reasoning for Morgan€™s change in outlook was a fascinating one that was full of plenty of WTF moments.

12. Morgan€™s Brutality

With us having been taken back to the blubbering Morgan€™s last meeting with Rick during the opening moments of Here€™s Not Here, we€™re soon shown that, yes, whilst he€™s totally, totally unhinged, Morgan is also a clinical, remorseless killing machine. From taking walkers€™ faces off, to mercilessly killing people, to even tackling the (literal) flaming undead, Morgan is a damaged soul who is on a mission to take out whatever and whoever he happens to stumble across.

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