The Walking Dead Season 6: 15 WTF Moments From 'Always Accountable'

Daryl gets taken to school, Abraham tries his charm on Sasha, and could that really be Glenn radioing for help?

Given how Daryl is a massive favourite of The Walking Dead fans, one of the main gripes about this current season so far is how under-utilised the grizzled crossbow-wielder has been. With Always Accountable, we saw that change as Daryl stepped forward to take centre-stage. Whilst Alexandria has its problems, we pick things up with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham as they attempt to lure a huge horde of walkers away from the walled community safe haven. The only issue is they randomly come under fire and end up separated. Always Accountable largely focuses on Daryl as he meets a trio of strangers who suspect he€™s a no-good sort, whilst Sasha and Abraham have it a bit easier as they hole up at a relatively idyllic (for this post-apocalyptic world) locale and contemplate their next move. Particularly where Daryl was concerned, this latest episode was full of plenty of WTF moments...

15. Under Fire

The first big shocker of Always Accountable hit early on as our familiar faces came under attack from some mystery assailants. Daryl would come off his motorcycle whilst Sasha and Abraham€™s car had its back window blown out, but it appears that these mystery rogues weren€™t exactly master marksmen. Despite the bad guys being in hot pursuit, Daryl had enough time to promptly get back on his vehicle and managed to avoid any further hits even though there was a car literally 10 yards behind him that was firing bullets at him. Clearly these bad guys went to the Stormtrooper school of shooting.

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