The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5: 6 Things You Missed

Did you see Gregory write his own death sentence?

The Walking Dead Gregory

"That's a solid kneel..." The Walking Dead is stocking up on villains, with Steven Ogg putting on a tense show for the Hilltop residents - and fans may have just seen how beleaguered Number 1, Gregory, will meet his demise.

Season 7 Episode 5 showcased some tasty future stories for fans to enjoy, including a few nudges towards a leadership change, a death, a criminally underused form of transport fit for a zombie apocalypse and of course, plenty of nostalgic moments remembering the good old days.

It was a slow-burning episode, but here's the full roundup of everything you might have missed as The Walking Dead creeps closer to the mid-way point.

6. The Painting


When the Saviours roll into Hilltop, Simon the leader takes a particular fascination with a painting hanging in Gregory's luxurious home.

It could've been any painting, but why that specific one? Well, it exists in real life, painted by Sir Anthony van Dyck of Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor and his story bears some resemblance to Negan's.

Charles was the first ruler to control vast numbers of dynasties around the world with a far reaching empire that struck fear into the hearts of enemies. Negan's inspiration?


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