The Walking Dead Season 8: Predicting Who Lives And Who Dies

It's time for war.

The Walking Dead Lives Dies
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

The Walking Dead's eighth season is firmly on the horizon, and so too is war.

After the events of Season 7 established the conflict between the Saviours and the other survivors, led by Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel, Season 8 is going to light the blue touch paper and really kickstart the warfare - and they're going all out.

With Season 7 drawing criticism and losing fans after issues with its storytelling, the new run is promising to get things right back on track, delivering something akin to an action movie, and that's a sensible move. It should ramp up the excitement, tension, and drama, and with war it means we're going to be thinning the herd quite a bit too.

The show has carved out a rep for killing off its characters, which it didn't do too much of in Season 7 (outside the premiere and finale). That, however, means there are plenty of characters who can become casualties when the series returns.

25. Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Rick
Gene Page/AMC

While there have recently been suggestions of the show continuing without Rick Grimes, there's no also no chance of it happening anytime soon. Rick is the very centre of this universe, and it's around him all other characters orbit.

He's coated in the heaviest of plot armour, and with the show set to run long past Season 8, he's got a good few years in him yet.

Prediction: Lives


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