The Walking Dead Showrunner Reveals Details Of Next 8 Episodes

twds3cmccnpstr1 The midseason finale of 'The Walking Dead' left us with a lot of questions, Has Rick lost it? Will Daryl and Merle manage to escape Woodbury? How will Tyrese fit in? These questions will hopefully all be answered when the 'The Walking Dead' retruns but if you can't wait that long then showrunner Glen Mazzara has revealed what to expect in the remaining eight episodes in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
"One of the things I€™m excited about is we€™re on the path for this showdown, and the Governor and Rick have still not seen each other as we went through those first eight episodes", said Mazzara about the brewing confrontation between Woodbury and the Prison. "They know about each other and each one realizes that the other guy can threaten everything that he has spent the past year building. So both guys now have a vendetta against each other".
First the telephone, now hallucinating Shane, things don't look good for Rick.
"Rick€™s mental state is very fragile at a time when the group needs him to be on his A-game. And he€™s emotionally compromised. His sanity is questioned and this becomes a major personal crisis not only for Rick, but for his entire group".
But Rick won't be the only one affected mentally as Glenn left Woodbury with not only physical scars but also mental ones.
"Glenn, who has always been a very resourceful wily character who has been invaluable to the group€™s survival and has always been one of the smartest members of the group, is now blinded by rage and hatred of the Governor. He is now very much a hawk and will apply pressure to the entire group to finish the fight".
On what to expect from the Dixon brothers, if and that's still a big if, they manage to escape Woodbury.
"Daryl has spent the last year with Rick and this group, and he has worked very hard to wrestle his past demons and to become a very, very valuable member of Rick€™s band. Now he€™ll have to make choices after discovering that his brother is alive and his brother is on the opposing side. Daryl is caught in the middle and has to make choices. Can he try to bring everyone together, or does he pick a side, or does he have to go up against Rick in some way?"
Fan favourite Tyrese and his group are now in the prison but how exactly will he fit in with Rick's group.
"Tyrese is not necessarily a good guy who simply joins Rick€™s team and fights against the Governor. He€™s a wild card. He€™s an interesting character and his priority is keeping his own group safe. I think viewers will be surprised by the twists and turns in the Tyrese story".
Finally we have already had a ton of iconic stuff from the comic's this season with the prison, the Governer, Penny, Woodbury, Michonne and Tyrese. Can we expect anything else from the comics.
"Our comic book fans will still be excited and delighted to see how the story unfolds and how we tell the story. We do have a lot of new surprising material. There€™s still a major character to appear in the back half, which is very exciting. As always we take the comic book as inspiration and tell our own story".
So a new major character from the comics will be appearing later on this season. There is a long list of possibilties especially with the way the show sometimes goes it's own way from the comics. My own personal theory is that it could be Morgan ( Lennie James), so far only seen in the pilot. In the comics Morgan also appears at the beginning then comes back to become a major character and ally of Rick's. Add to this some recent rumours about Lennie James being seen where they film the show and we have what could be a pretty solid idea. the-walking-dead-lennie-james-morgan 'The Walking Dead' returns in America on Feburary 10th and in the UK on Februrary 15th. Who do you think the new character will be? Are you excited for the return of 'The Walking Dead'? Let us know in the comments below.

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