The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Review - 6 Ups & 4 Downs From "Gone"

A deeply moving episode that ends with a hint this spinoff has already hit a wall.

The Ones Who Live

Last week, The Ones Who Live re-introduced audiences to Rick Grimes and Michonne, two hardened survivors of the apocalypse who found love in a dead world but have since been separated for years by tragedy and circumstance. 

And despite the fact few long-time fans were clambering for yet another spin-off to The Walking Dead, a franchise that seems to be throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks at the moment, this particular spin-off got off to a very strong start, promising big things and delivering some compelling fan service to boot. 

Focussed on Rick and his time with the CRM, the military organisation that has both saved and destroyed him, the premiere was dark and bursting with potential, and ended with a twist difficult to shake. 

This week's episode, titled "Gone", is focussed on Michonne, everyone's favourite katana-wielding warrior, and what she has been up to since she left home in search of her missing husband - who she meets, who she becomes, how she fights. Here are 6 Ups & 4 Downs from her nerve-wracking but never flawless journey.

As with last week, this article will contain spoilers

10. Down: Its Ridiculous Mid-Episode Action Sequence

The Ones Who Live

Leading into its messier final act, "Gone" features an action sequence so nonsensical and borderline hilarious that it makes The Walking Dead's aimless gunfights look like a scene from John Wick. Harsh, maybe, but several rewinds later and I can't think of many nice things to say about it. 

After running afoul of the CRM, Michonne and her new companion Nat lurch, injured but determined, are intent on making their way to Alexandria, to make contact with Judith and regain themselves after becoming increasingly sure Rick is dead. 

En route, a CRM helicopter - the very same Rick was seen riding in during the closing minutes of the previous episode - flies overhead, and we're granted first-person insight into the chopper was shot down, reuniting Michonne and Rick. 

And here it is: Nat has made himself a make-shift rocket launcher that looks like an arm-mounted slingshot, ignited by a lighter, and somehow powerful enough to very easily shoot down a military chopper from a great distance. Nat has got some crazy aim! It brings the two episodes together, but my-oh-my is a laughable sight. 


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