The Witcher Season 2: 10 Monsters We Want To See

Dopplers, nekkers, djinns - what's next?

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Season one of Netflix's The Witcher was a great start into the world that Andrzej Sapowski crafted. It worked wonders with the likes of Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer and brought with it a whole host of fascinating beasties to keep the world feeling dangerous.

Since the second season of the show is approaching, it seems appropriate to discuss what viewers would love to see in this epic fantasy world next.

The lore crafted by Sapowski and expanded in CD Projekt Red's iconic gaming series is massive. As such, the first season barely scratched the surface of the material it has to play with.

Geralt's bestiary hosts a plethora of monsters that we want to see in live-action, mainly because they have to potential to be show-stealers. Whether it's due to the fact they will look amazing or because they will present a clear and unique challenge to the lead character, there are some creatures that fans can only hope will make it to the show sooner rather than later.

Geralt will surely have his hands full in season two, especially if any of these enemies show up.

10. Griffin

the witcher netflix
CD Projekt RED

Season one of this epic fantasy programme saw Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia take on quite an array of monsters. He battled against a striga, a kikimore and even dragons. But that last one was a bit of a stickler for some people.

While dragons are always a welcome part of fantasy, their presentation in this series was quite a disappointment, not only because they looked lacklustre but also because they didn't soar to a high-altitude, as winged creatures should.

Therefore, season two should up its game regarding aerial beasts, and the best option to go with would be a griffin. These terrifying eagle/lion hybrids are a memorable part of many real-world mythologies such as western Asia and Greece and have a great place in The Witcher series. So, they'll certainly need to be in the show at some point.

Seeing Geralt hunt down a Griffin that has been wreaking havoc in a community could lead to an exhilarating action sequence. It would undoubtedly look amazing if they brought the creature to life successfully as they are ruthless and known for playing with their meals, meaning that there would be blood and guts galore - just what Witcher fans love.

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