The Witcher Season 2: 10 Things We'd Love To See

Netflix's The Witcher was an astounding success, but there's still so much more it could do.

The Witcher

The first season of The Witcher came to us back in 2019 to resounding excitement from the fans of the games and books. In many cases, it surpassed our expectations, showing us the world of The Witcher in beautiful and faithful form.

The performances of the actors were fantastic, the sets engrossing and the execution of the plots compelling, if a little confusing with their timing. The ratings didn’t lie; the first season hooked us into the story of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri.

With the recent announcement of its return to us in August of next year, the hype train is leaving the station once more and will continue to pick up speed as the months go by. To see us through the long winter and spring without our favourite silver haired superman, we can start to consider precisely what the next series will have in store for us. With a wealth of literary and game sources to draw from, its potential is truly astounding. From settings to plots to characters, The Witcher has enough raw source material to make a fantastic series that truly stands out from the mould of fantasy TV, and sticks in our hearts and minds for years to come.

10. Skelligan Shenanigans

The Witcher
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Each nation in The Witcher draws inspiration from several different real world countries. Nilfgaard with its expansionism bears resemblance to the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia, Temeria in design seems to be based on pre-revolutionary France, whilst both Cintra and Redania bear resemblance to the history of Hungary and Poland. But out of every nation, none are more distinct than Skellige.

A mix of Celtic, Gallic and a wide range of Scandinavian cultures, Skellige stands apart from the other nations of the continent. In names, places, customs and styles, Skellige is a location full of history. With its own particular brand of monsters and spirits, drawing from the rich folklore of these places, Skellige would be a wonderful location to add depth to this world.

The Skellige Circle is one of the most influential druidic organisations in The Witcher universe, and their role as diviners, magic users and political advisors, would be a chance to contrast with the methods and machinations of the Sorcerers of Ban Ard and Aretuza.

Consisting of a series of large and small islands under the control of separate clans, the tapestry of culture it represents would be an undeniable step away from the kingdoms of the continent we've seen so far. When we do go to Skellige, there will be no doubt about it.

This land of windswept moors, snow-capped mountains and deep, ancient forests would be an excellent location for some of the most significant moments sure to come in this show.

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