The X-Files: 10 Things To Expect From The Revival

Will we ever learn "the truth?"

The clock is ticking. The date has been set. The X-Files returns to the air in just a matter of weeks, and a strong marketing push by Fox has it on the tip of everyone's tongue. The trailers certainly make the "revival" series look great, and it appears the show has gone all out for these six new episodes - but what can viewers expect out of Mulder and Scully's return? It's well known that the bulk of the show's cast will be back, alongside newcomers such as Joel McHale's Tad O'Malley, a conservative newsman with lofty connections. We know the show will continue to light scenes with flashlights, and likely go back to its dark roots - which is what made the show so popular in its heyday. But else is there to expect? While nothing is ever certain (and no one really dies) on The X-Files, there are a few things fans can bank on. From creepy monsters to ongoing conspiracies and shadowy government figures, it just wouldn't be The X-Files without many of these aspects.

10. The Lone Gunmen

Sometimes you do get a second chance. When 1013 killed off The Lone Gunmen during the final season of The X-Files in an episode entitled Jump The Shark, fans were outraged. It was simply not the ending they wanted for the popular trio, whose own spin-off show had tanked in the wake of 9/11 (the pilot happened to focus on the crashing of an airliner into a skyscraper). While the group were brought back in the comics, under the guise of faking their own deaths, there simply wasn't enough of a following for the comic book series for this explanation to take root in the fan base (therein lies the problem with shows like The X-Files and Buffy doing additional "seasons" in comic book format). Now, the show has a chance to right this wrong. Killing the trio was one of the worst decisions possible, and if nothing else, they've got a second chance to correct that. Here's to hoping their appearance isn't just a flashback.

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