Thunderbirds Are Go! - 5 Things It Got Right (And 5 It Didn't)

F.A.B+ for effort, but could do better.

Like many great visionaries, Gerry Anderson was never one to be content with his achievements and just settle into retirement. Far from it in fact, and like a true perfectionist he instead believed that despite an impressive career spanning six decades, his most celebrated series still had untapped potential.

Alzheimer's may have claimed his life early in this new show's development, but considering Thunderbirds' own 50th Anniversary ended with a Tracy Island playset as a Christmas list favourite yet again, it's safe to say Anderson's enduring legacy is far from in any need of rescue.

As a rebooted series Thunderbirds Are Go was always fated to endure comparisons, and although it may have created yet another generation of fans, those who remember the original from its first, second, and even third broadcasts (not to mention DVD releases) have met this latest instalment with rather a mixed reaction. More than just the adults failing to find a healthy dose of nostalgia though, you know the series isn't quite what it could be when the 10 year old giving a Radio Times review would "prefer to watch the old ones."

AlmostfFive years to the day since Anderson's inital announcement of its development, this weekend saw the first season of Thunderbirds Are Go finally come to a conclusion in which the Tracy brothers themselves wonder if they could truly trust one of their own. Whether audiences are waiting for the second season, and the answers to the Hood's warning, with impatience or indifference, what better time than to take a closer look at those aspects which have been dividing them over the past 26 episodes....


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