Titans Season 1: 4 Ups & 0 Downs From 'Jason Todd'

Two Birds finally collided in this week's game-changing episode of Titans.

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Contains spoilers from Titans Season 1, Episode 6.

DC's Titans has continued to surprise us all since its series premiere. Although the first episode had its issues, it defied expectations, telling a rather compelling story. Moreover, each episode since then has improved upon the previous one, drawing us further into the storyline each week.

As we are all aware by now, the show is very much telling Dick Grayson's story, as the former Robin struggles with his demons. Though the detective is completely invested in solving the mystery surrounding Rachel Roth, his own emotional issues have been bubbling away under the surface.

This week's episode gave us some much-needed answers as we finally got to meet his replacement, Jason Todd. As Dick was shocked to discover that Batman had replaced him as Robin, the episode very much revolved around his origins and what becoming the Boy Wonder turned him into. Furthermore, it gave us a chance to see the first ever live-action Jason Todd, which proved to be a treat in and of itself.

All in all, Titans continued its upwards trajectory with 'Jason Todd' - an episode that injected a dose of some much-needed Batman mythology into the story.

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