Titans Season 2: 4 Ups & 2 Downs From 'Fallen'

Nightwing is born and Raven resurfaces in a solid but frustrating episode of Titans.

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Contains spoilers from Titans Season 2, Episode 10.

Titans' second season may have taken a more light-hearted and optimistic approach than its predecessor, but at its heart, there is still darkness - darkness that stems from the past of Dick Grayson. Yes, the former Robin may have burned his bird-suit but he never truly exorcised his demons, and it was continually frustrating to see him behave in such an infuriating fashion without ever knowing the reason why.

Now that we do know, everything seems that much clearer - well, at least it does to everyone who isn't named Dick Grayson. The character hasn't been able to forgive himself for what happened to Deathstroke's son Jericho and now that it's all out in the open and the Titans have turned their backs on him, he spent last week's installment figuring out a way to find some penance. And although he came up short after a run-in with Jericho's parents, he found the answers he was looking for when he assaulted a federal officer and got himself arrested.

The Dick Grayson-pity train continued this week in as he attempted to find peace in serving time, but this strong standalone offering soon made him realise that there are other ways to redeem himself. Though it fell victim to some of Titans' most infuriating tropes, that didn't prevent 'Fallen' from proving to be a highly-engaging offering.

First, the negatives...

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