Titans Season 2: 7 Key Reveals From The Teaser

The Titans are back, complete with new friends and a Batman.

DC Universe

After a long silence following the end of the first season back last December, DC has finally bestowed some proper footage for season two of Titans on fans - giving them a short preview before the series drops on the 6th September.

While not revealing much about the plot (to the extent where some have actuallly been questioning whether or not they missed a season), the teaser provided a fair amount to digest: providing looks at new costumes, new characters and a few more hints toward this version of the DC universe's history - all very exciting stuff.

The trailer was pretty short so this information was easy to miss. Worry not however - here's a quick run-down of the new things learnt from the Titans Season 2 trailer.

7. There Was Another Group Of Titans

DC Comics

Despite not being hinted at whatsoever in the first season, it appears that Dick Grayson had a group of Titans long before the one seen in the show.

This was shown in the trailer by how Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne remarks to Grayson about seeing him and his "old Titans friends" making the news, unequivocally confirming that Robin's current team is by no means the first of its kind.

The mention of the name 'Titans' in universe is a nice touch as well - its use as a formal way of addressing the group also being absent from the first season of the show.

But who was on this original team? It's obvious that Dick was a member, and it stands to reason that Donna Troy was too. Other potential candidates include Kid Flash and Roy Harper, plus a certain aquatic hero that'll come up later.

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