Titans Season 2 Finale: 10 Major Questions We're Left With After 'Nightwing'

Titans' Season 2 finale left us all in desperate need of some answers.

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Contains spoilers from Titans Season 2, Episode 13.

The second season of Titans has been hell-bent on getting Dick Grayson to where he needed to be and, although it spent a lot of time diverting his course for the sake of its episode count (while unnecessarily separating the team over and over again), the former Boy Wonder finally reached his destination in the season finale.

Yes, 'Nightwing' was an episode that finally brought two seasons worth of storytelling together, as Dick allowed himself to shed the darkness of his demons and embrace the light of his new heroic persona. And in doing so, Nightwing rose up and led the Titans (new and old) into battle against both long-time nemesis Slade Wilson (a.k.a. Deathstroke) and new threat Cadmus.

Though not a perfect season, it did succeed in shedding some light on a lot of the show's overarching mysteries - especially in regards to what went down with the Titans pre-Season 1. That being said, it left us in need of even more answers. With that in mind, let's delve right into some of those questions that 'Nightwing' ultimately left us asking.

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