Top 5 Entourage Episodes

Now that the HBO show has ended after eight seasons, we look back at our favourite episodes from the show...

Entourage is the brilliant HBO comedy-drama set amongst the celebrity infested Hollywood lifestyle. The show follows the story of rising star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his closest friends as they descend on tinsel town from their native Queens, New York and begin to live the movie star lifestyle. Entourage is the brainchild of Doug Ellin and loosely based around Mark Wahlberg€™s experiences when he was an up and coming movie star. The show centres on the close friendship of actor Vince, his Brother Johnny €˜Drama€™ (Kevin Dillon), his best friend and manager Eric (Kevin Connolly) and close pal Turtle (Jerry Ferrara). Aided by Hollywood hotshot agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) the group negotiates the weird and wonderful world of Hollywood stardom and all it€™s trappings. It is a show you should most definitely see and the camaraderie, friendship and bond between the characters brings out a fantastic "boys will be boys" comedy. Now that it has ended, these are my 5 favourite episodes€

5. The Cannes Kids €“ Series 4 Ep 12

As the guys attend the biggest and most important film festival in the world they party it up and go about trying to sell their film Medellin to a potential distributor. Due to Ari€™s hard work, and the fact that no one has seen the horrific movie yet, they manage to get 2 offers on the table. However, once premiered the film is immediately panned by every person in the theatre and they find themselves in a tough place and accept an offer much lower than they could have ever imagined. Whilst at Cannes Drama has his own troubles when he finds himself falling for a French girl that is a huge fan of his TV show Viking Quest, but he manages to lose her and he thinks his dream girl has gone for good. Despite the show being all about movie stars and filmmaking this is the only time the boys make the trip over to Cannes and it€™s worth the wait. Stuck in a tough place regarding their dire film Medellin Ari has to work his best magic wheeling and dealing in order to make something of nothing. The episode also show cases how a Hollywood lifestyle can go one of two ways in a matter of a two hour screening as Vince and his team find themselves out of favour with the industry once everyone has seen their film.

4. Busey and the Beach - Series 1 Ep 6

Looking for a new project Vince and Eric are handed a script that they really want to get involved with, Queens Boulevard, but Ari isn€™t happy to find out that it was handed to them by his ex-assistant Josh Weinstein. Despite Vince€™s wishes to get involved Ari tries to squash the idea and steer Vince towards a studio picture, rather than this little indie film that will make them hardly any money. When Josh invites the boys down to a Malibu beach party Ari is troubled and fears he may be losing his star client and goes about asserting himself on the situation. At an art exhibition for Gary Busey€™s new work Turtle finds himself in trouble when he leans against a piece of work that crashes to the floor and falls apart. With Drama struggling to get work or an agent he considers his options and discusses possible work as a waiter with those working at both the art exhibition and the beach party. This episode offers some of Ari€™s finest moments as he battles all in order to keep hold of his star asset and friend Vince. He beautifully instructs his assistant Emily to spy on the party and barks €œKnock off the hippie shit, strap on a helmet, and start shooting. This is Malibu, Emily, I want you to storm that beach like it€™s fuckin€™ Normandy!€ Arriving at Josh€™ beach party himself he immediately gives him a dressing down in front of all his guests and asserts himself as the dominant power.

3. Return To Queens Boulevard €“ Series 5 Ep 12

With the boys almost broke and work hard to come by since Vince was fired from his latest film Smokejumpers the boys return to Queens. Doing all he can to get Vince€™s career back on track Eric hassles Gus Van Sant to see the rushes from Smokejumpers with a view to using him in his next film, but despite liking what he saw Van Sant still doesn€™t have a part for Vince. With this latest set back taking its toll on all involved an altercation between Vince and Eric sees them part company after some strong words and E being fired. Turtle tries to hide his relationship with Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Seigler from the guys and Drama buys a bar in his old neighbourhood. With all seemingly lost and no work on the horizon Vince is shocked when he gets a phone call from Martin Scorsese who offers him the lead role in his next film, The Great Gatsby, after Van Sant sent on Vince€™s rushes. Vince flies back to LA to reconcile with Eric and the dream remains intact. This is a great episode of Vince and the gang returning to their roots for a spot of soul searching and showcases the strain on Vince and Eric€™s relationship in light of tough times. However, as always something works out and the boys go from strength to strength.

2. Aquamansion €“ Series 2 Ep 3

With a massive pajama party at the Playboy mansion on the horizon the boys go shopping for some stylish nightwear, but it comes to light that Drama has been banned for life after setting the monkeys free in Heff€™s zoo back in the 90€™s. Preaching his innocence Drama insists it was the Karate Kid himself Ralph Macchio. Vince does what he can to lift the band, but there are strict policies in place for life bans. Drama decides to confront Macchio, but he refuses to admit it was him. After trying to smuggle Drama into the party in the boot of their car Drama is ejected, but Turtle manages to sneak him in over a wall. When Drama is discovered inside arguing with Macchio Heff wants to know who exactly let the monkeys free or otherwise the two of them will be banned. Struggling to remember the night in question Drama and Macchio realise it was Paulie Shore and he is quickly, but not quietly ejected. Needing a big job next Eric convinces Vince that Aquaman is going to be a great film and after some deliberation Vince agrees. Aquamansion is a great episode with Drama desperate to party at the mansion and the boys all looking forward to a great night. Throw in the Karate Kid and Paulie Shore for a classic episode that brings together some 90€™s TV stars still desperate to be a part of the scene as well as plenty of half naked Playboy bunnies. Every young€™s man dream of partying at the mansion is realised by the boys in this episode and it€™s a recipe for an ear-to-ear smile for anyone watching.

1. One Day In The Valley €“ Series 3 Ep 2

With Vince€™s big budget studio film Aquaman due to premiere the boys are buzzing to see if it surpasses the biggest box office release to date €“ Spiderman. Despite Ari airing caution and insisting Eric does the same, so Vince doesn€™t get his hopes up, they are all expecting big numbers. The boys decide to head into the Valley and find a quiet little cinema in to watch the film and judge the audience€™s reactions, but with it being blisteringly hot outside the journey becomes a mission. With queues around the block for the film the boys head inside, but shortly into the film an electrical blackout halts the film and the crowds file out. Panic ensues as Ari and Eric fear the blackouts across the Western coast of America shut down screenings regularly. Unsure what to do with their day the boys are invited to a high school party by two valley kids struggling with fitting in with the cool kids. The boys descend upon the party and down drinks, dive in the pool and Drama even wrestles a school kid. As day turns into night and the drinks have taken effect the boys await Ari€™s arrival in the Valley and Vince climbs onto the roof of the house for his €˜Almost Famous€™ moment in front of the crowds. Ari arrives and the news is good, the numbers big and Spiderman€™s crown stolen by Aquaman as the biggest box office release in movie history. This is my favourite episode of Entourage as it sees the boys venture out of their Hollywood life of luxury and slum it with the normal folk of the Valley. The lead up to a premiere is always a nervy time for filmmakers and movie stars as they await news of whether their film has bombed or blown up and Vince spends his having his €˜Almost Famous€™ moment before reaching the highest point of his career. Anyone who wants to be a star of some sort wants their own €˜Almost Famous€™ moment on the roof of some house and in this episode Vince gets his.
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