Top 8 Characters From The Wire

8. Herc And Carver

herc carver It was fun to watch these two evolve from immature ruffians who may take the occasional wads of dough from crime scenes to respectable Sergeants, and in Herc's case a wealthy private investigator. They had amazing chemistry, and you just had two friends that weren't afraid to express themselves honestly. Like most The Wire characters they live in the grey areas on the moral spectrum. Carver starts dirtier than he finishes and there is so much hope for Herc, who plays a significant role in taking down Marlo, but also becomes the reason why he gets to walk in the end. In the end, taking some drug money from a crime scene seems like the lesser evil. The two had their best moments in Season 3, when the Western District commander (Bunny, don't worry. We'll get to him!) went rogue and sanctioned "Hamsterdam" a street where dealing and using drugs was allowed in order to keep the rest of the area safe, led by these wonderful gents. Carver became a huge advocate for the experiment, while Herc decided to end it and tell the higher-ups.
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