Transformers Quiz: Who's That Autobot?

You may know the Transformers, but can you name all of these Autobots without making a mistake?

Transformers  35th Anniversary
Sunbow Productions

Transformers have been around since the first comic book and animated series debuted in 1984. In the years following those successful debuts, there have been 23 animated series, four animated movies, six live-action feature films, dozens of video games, and hundreds of comic books.

In all the years the Transformers have been around, there have been a ton of characters, and for every Autobot, there's a Decepticon (and vise-versa). Hundreds of characters have popped up over the years in every franchise product, and while most people know the main characters, there aren't a lot of people who know the bulk of them.

After all, there are hundreds of Transformers, but even limiting a quiz down to just the Autobots proves to be more challenging than most fans can handle. Do you think you know the Autobots well enough to pick 30 of them out of a lineup? If the answer to that question is yes, this is the quiz for you.

Because Transformers have popped up in various media, the images in this quiz come from cartoons, live-action films, and comic books, so you better be able to recognize key characteristics if you have any hope of scoring 100%. Also, only the robot forms are shown here, so no hints from their vehicles... Good luck!

1. Who's That Autobot?


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