Troy And Abed's Community Quiz: Which One Said It?

Only a true Community fan can remember every Troy and Abed quote!

Community Troy Abed
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Since it first aired in 2009, Community has been capturing the hearts and minds of fans all around the world. With 6 seasons (and a future movie) all on Netflix, fans recently got a chance to relive all of the hilarity and heart that came with the series. One of the biggest highlights of the series was the friendship between Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir.

Troy and Abed's relationship might have started off as a just a small joke, but as the series progressed, it quickly grew into one of the best relationships of the series. Abed's TV obsessed intellectual went great with Troy's sensitive jock attitude. Both characters brought out the best in each other, and when Troy left the series, Abed's character was never the same. This dynamic duo needed each other and the series.

Troy and Abed not only had the most iconic relationship of the series, but also some of the most iconic lines. However, not all of these lines can be as iconic as Pierce's "Streets Ahead."

Test your Community knowledge and see how well you know Troy and Abed, for only the truest Community fan can score 100%.

1. "Britta, I've Got Self-Esteem Falling Out Of My Butt."


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