True Detective Season 3: 10 Craziest Fan Theories

9. The Wife Of The Chicken Plant Owner Was The Abductor

True Detective Theories

There’s two theories on who took them gaining some traction right now, but this is the only one that fits with the rest of this narrative.

The chicken plant getting involved in the search already feels highly suspicious; big business is rarely anyone’s personal saviour. We know the owner’s wife lost a daughter (one who, from the picture on the desk, fits Julie’s basic description), so she may have stolen Julie as a replacement.

With Julie’s mother working there and a child likely to look up to a sweet, caring soul, it’s possible she convinced the child to run away with her. How the woman could have known about Julie being molested (if the two theories are even true, never mind linked) is still unclear.

So too is how Will came to be murdered. Julie asking for the woman to take her brother too is understandable, but why she would kill him is much less so. There could have been a struggle, or the owner’s wife might have overreacted to Will changing his mind. Some even suggest that the wife was tricked by higher powers who used her to get Julie; they killed Will because he was of no use to them.


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